Join Our Staff




Over the years we have been blessed with an abundance of staff members here at Rancho Sordo Mudo from all over the United States and even internationally.  This year however, we find ourselves short-staffed and the next school year we are looking to have even fewer. We are desperately seeking volunteers to come and serve with us at RSM.  We are seeking, teachers, dorm parents, groundskeepers, general handymen, administrators, and whatever else you can think of. We are looking for individuals who are flexible, adventurous, willing to learn, tough, and passionate about teaching Christ’s love to children. Our hours are long and the work is challenging, but the reward is beyond words.  If this is speaking to you or about someone you know, please contact us.


Dorm Parents:

We are currently in need of dorm parents in both the girls and boys dorm. This would be a great opportunity to minister to the children while taking care of the kids on a daily basis. You get to serve alongside experienced missionaries, who help guide you and mentor you. Guaranteed to build memories that will last a life time.

Teachers' Assistant:

We currently have 3 teachers and these assistants will help the teachers with a variety of classroom duties and tutor the children in various subjects. Basic Spanish would be necessary and sign language can be learned on the job.

Landscape/Grounds Mainteance:

This is a perfect position for someone who loves gardening, landscaping, sunshine, and getting their hands dirty. They will work with Evan, a master gardener. Evan has been at the Ranch for over 30 years. He is a wonderful, funny, godly man who will make your life richer for having know him. Needless to say, this is the opportunity of a lifetime!

 Maintenance & Group Assistant:

Like getting your hands dirty? This is the position for you. 


Support Services:

This is a great position for someone starting out at RSM since it includes getting to know all the different aspects of the of the Ranch. It will provide interaction with the children, like assisting in chapel and in the classtooms, as well as helping with daily duties, such as organizing donated clothing and other items, helping in the kitchen, doing laundry, etc.